Is This It is the production company of directors
John Boisen and Björn Fävremark.

You are Teddybears

Music documentary about the eccentric members of  the Teddybears.
65 mins.


Short horror visualizing the experience of a sleep paralysis.
Part of The Swedish Film Institute’s “It’s Alive”.
9 mins.

Let Me Run

Short fiction. A late night run turns into a nightmare.
11 mins.

The Effect Will Last Forever

Experimental short film about a disillusioned hit man
on a job without a clear target.
15 mins.

Syrsor & Cigaretter

Music documentary with Anna Ternheim. A musical trip from
Nashville to New York to a Swedish castle, chasing inspiration.
58 mins.

2 steg från Håkan

Documentary revolving around Swedish artist
Håkan Hellström and one of his young fans, Amanda.
85 mins.

Split of a Second

Short documentary mixing the spectacular stunts and
reflective thoughts of wing suit champion Espen Fadnes.
8 mins.

We like to turn our ideas, and others, into films.
We are located in Gothenburg, but like to travel.
We don’t like to write about ourselves, obviously.

If you want to know more, please get in touch with us.

John & Björn
+46765267416 • +46765267422
Vasaplatsen 4 • Gothenburg • Sweden